Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cloud Computing Consulting Services to Help Manage Business’ IT Investments

Businesses of varied domains are in need of advanced IT developments to stay ahead of the competition. The best help in this regard is provided through the professional experts offering the best suited consulting as per the latest technology that leads to business growth in the long run. Cloud computing solution is one such aspect and migration to the advanced form requires considering the adoption initiatives so as to deliver the right business values. NetEdge associates a dedicated team of experienced, innovative and diverse professionals who provide the best help pertaining to the most suitable infrastructure, platform and applications pertaining to migration to the cloud form of technology with the best service providers matched with business needs.

Readiness assessments and diagnostic evaluations are performed to the core so that clients get the best advantage pertaining to IT investments in terms of cloud application development. The experts present a complete roadmap providing the best consulting services for the advanced technology. Consultation pertaining to analysis, design and infrastructure with respect to private cloud implementation is also provided by the experts. Even the best security solutions are provided by uncovering all key considerations and important factors that helps businesses to overcome all challenges that come on its way to success. The daunting task of selecting the best suited service provider is made easier…thanks to the experts from the IT Company.

The total cost of ownership is also portrayed by the professionals by means of cloud economic analysis that helps to support the development and implementation strategies associated to cloud technology. With expertise in diverse platforms, the experts analyze the requirements and come up with the best solutions that significantly affect the associated IT investments of businesses. With total commitment to quality, the experts provide the best solution to assist in the initiatives taken up by businesses of various domains to adopt the latest technology developments to gain the desired competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gain Competitive Edge with Outsource Software Development

Businesses need to focus on their core areas but at the same time, the non-core ones can’t be just left out without any improvements at all. The best solution to focus on both core and non-core products are outsourced product development solutions from a trusted service provider. NetEdge associates an innovative and experienced team of professionals to handle the non-core products of clients worldwide efficiently so as to ensure a smooth process flow leading towards future growth. Introduce your new products and its features by means of the tried and tested methodologies followed by the experts that help to lower the associated risks and operating costs. Moreover, the outsourced products are flexible, scalable and customized so as to go with the specific needs of the organization.

With a strong consulting practice and domain expertise, the global software development services offered as outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide frees them from the manpower and other associated investments. Moreover, the products are developed by utilizing all stages of the software development life cycle from conceptualization to ongoing support. The solutions involve the lowest total cost of ownership without any compromise on the quality of the products to be delivered. Moreover, the developed solutions are flexible so as to incorporate the desired bug fixes, technical issues, software updations, feature enhancements etc. from time to time so as to increase business productivity.

The professional team from the software development company India resolves the problem of leveraging the progress of your non-core business products by reinforcing the best practices and industry standards with customization as per the need. They help clients with the new products ensuring that the outsourced solutions are as per the organization objectives and thus help businesses to lead towards success in the long run. Apart from development of the products, its migration to other platforms, extensions, implantation, audits etc. are also considered by the experts with every attention to detail as per the requirements.