Friday, December 14, 2012

Offshore Software Development Company

The Most Desired Software for Real Estate Developers and Builders, netEstate

Do you own a real estate business? The experts at NetEdge have come up with a perfect application that integrates complete ERP and CRM system, netEstate. It is designed with the intention to serve multiple benefits to all developers and builders by means of payment information that needs to be tracked, maintenance and management of customer’s projects etc. All project operations have been automated by means of embedded functionalities with the intuitive real estate solution like pre and post launch modules, payment plans, customer contacts, stocks and inventories. These automated activities help businesses to monitor and control their ongoing projects effectively. From customer relationship management to Tally integration, the tool serves as the best option in terms of complete operability.

Any real estate project queries, generation of reports and maintenance of data are supported by netEstate as it works on web based n-tier architecture. It always supports effective and cost-efficient business practices that results in the ultimate customer satisfaction and profits. The software is specifically designed to manage customer relations, post sales, projects, procurements, project accounts, contractors, brokers, documents, equipments, leases, payrolls and maintenance through various modules. The application also involves HR module, Business Intelligence, decision making, SMS integration and other beneficial and necessary services. The professional team of experts is there to take care of every attention to detail with the offered products and provide 24x7 supports for the same to customers.

If you need one application that seamlessly integrates all departments and functions of an organization, the application from NetEdge serve as a blessing in disguise. It is capable to serve different department specific needs and requirements to drive your business towards success. Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management serve as the backbone of real estate industry and the IT Company has thus come up with the best matched solution.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

netOT: The Best Online Testing Tool from NetEdge

If you are in search of a perfect evaluation tool that can be used to test the skills and expertise of individuals, NetEdge has come up with the best web-based product on online testing, netOT. It offers creation of subject specific question bank classified into groups that can be used to create tests online. The testing tool can be used to evaluate the skills of employees for businesses to get hold of the best resources or it can be implemented at college level to conduct tests for students. It may also serve the purpose of conducting tests to hire the right candidates for a suitable post. The IT experts have made available a flexible tool that can be used for both subjective and multiple choice questions, enabling users to take the test from anywhere through a web browser. Moreover, you can have the options for image based, video based and psychometric questions for you to conduct the desired tests as and when the requirement arises.

The best benefit you gain from the tool is reducing the time and effort required in the tedious task to manually evaluate the answer sheets. It even reduces the high cost of manpower required for such activities. It automatically scores the test online and reduces the wastage of paper. It even stores the necessary information about the candidates taking the test. It offers a perfect web-based tool that can be used as per the requirements as it supports multiple formats. It is the best help offered by the IT Company to evaluate a candidate as per the role and to select the best suited individual to benefit your organization.

Apart from automatic result calculation, you can also schedule the online tests by means of the netOT online tool. It creates detailed analysis of the candidates and offers a unique login id to each examinee and examination. Define your own complexity level and get the right talent in minimum time with the valuable testing software.

Enterprise Application Development Solutions with Accuracy and Effectiveness

Gaining competitive edge on others has become highly important for businesses to thrive amidst the fierce competition in the global marketplace which requires organizations to concentrate both on their core and non-core areas. NetEdge, by means of its expertise and well-talented pool of experts offer world-class domain special solutions. The offshore development projects are handled with every attention to detail to ensure that the commitments made to clients are never dishonored. Moreover, the professional team works as close business associates with clients to deliver innovative and customized end-to-end solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their business environments. Realize the advantageous business prospects and lead your organization towards success with the advancements in technology.

The ISO 9001:2000 company follows strict quality assurance modules with a Global Delivery Model to ensure that the delivered products and services enhance clients’ business processes at all times. The reliable web-based support tools and alternate channels are made available to clients 24x7 to enrich the value delivered with the custom software application development services. The highest industry standards are followed with the assured positive services delivered on time at the best prices. From planning to maintenance, the diligent and experienced professionals are there to look into all activities to keep your businesses updated with the latest technology trends even with their non-core areas. The cutting-edge IT solutions are tailor-made to go with the organizational objectives of clients.

Get state-of-the-art scalable IT solutions that offer value for money on one hand and helps you step closer to your business goals on the other. The offshore software development company helps to transform business processes into technology innovations by means of the dedicated team of experts. The 360-degree unique value driven approach helps clients to get higher ROI required to improve your business’ global presence. Moreover, industry’s best practices are implemented to the core to ensure quality services.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Manage your Web Content by Means of NetCMS, an Easy to Use Product

Build any type of websites within hours without having adequate technical knowledge and expertise…Thanks to netCMS, a complete Content Management System adhering to the latest CSS and HTML standards, offering flexibility and power to all end users. This application software from NetEdge can be used to develop a complex web 2.0 compliant and ecommerce enabled websites from just a simple site. It is an easy to use product and a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of users to control their website and overall online presence. One can easily update and copy images, add and delete pages as per the timely updates with just a few clicks by means of this application from the IT experts.

With pre-designed templates for most of the industries like travel, real estates, hotels, book stores, manufacturing etc., users can easily select simple, classic or contemporary website templates as per the needs and preferences. Moreover, netCMS comes with its own set of components such as blogs, forums, newsletters, FAQs, surveys, RSS feeds etc. to provide Web 2.0 features and to bring in the feature of interactivity with the developed websites. It also comes with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which can be used to create or update webpages by anyone familiar with word processors or Windows software in few simple steps.

All websites require security in order to hide the important data and information from everyone’s visibility. Hence, netCMS comes with secured usernames and passwords that are required to edit the developed website. It thus provides permission to employees/users having access to the same to update the webpages. Moreover, the administrator can designate permissions for users and group them as per their capabilities, thus restricting users from having access to everything made available on the developed website. Only the site administrator can have access to parts and features of the developed sites.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing with the Best Skills and Expertise

Out of the box thinking fro Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has led to the emergence of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) having favorable advantages and future scope. It includes application of domain specific pertinent knowledge from the experts and the professionals at NetEdge have the required functional insight and experience required to deliver the best of such services. It includes various industries other than IT. Experience great gains with the competitive knowledge delivered through experts having higher specialized skills and improve your business’ productivity and profitability in the long run. It offers the benefits of minimum organization cost, improved efficiency and domain based advanced processes with analytical skills rather than just process expertise.

The process followed by the experts offer immediate cost savings and tangible benefits with services delivered as per the highest industry standards. With a key focus on creating and delivering high value and quality services, you can carry out your business functions, both core and non-core ones, thus leading towards success and accomplishment of the set goals. Moreover, it helps organizations to focus on their core competencies and outsource the non-core ones, thereby reducing overhead costs and increasing operational efficiency. Today’s dynamic business environment needs to be recognized to accommodate globalization of operations and technology advancements so as to gain competitive edge on others at all times.

The IT Company offers a host of KPO services and work closely with clients so as to deliver the best business solutions as per the need. It covers the entire gamut of activities such as data processing and mining, domain specific research, content and database management. It has various knowledge management centres to serve clients all over the world. The expertise, global delivery model, quality assurance and intellectual capital centric activities in accordance with the business functions sets it apart from other service providers offering such high-level knowledge based services.

Plethora of Web Services that Comes Loaded with Business Benefits and Opportunities

It requires an experienced service provider to get the desired web services that help businesses to grow vertically. At NetEdge, the team of innovative, diligent, reliable and diverse professionals offers a variety of such services that leverages the power of internet on one hand and confronts the associated businesses with a myriad of advantageous aspects and beneficial opportunities. They build and implement the best end-to-end solutions that also help clients to enhance their business portfolio and easily reach out to a global audience. The services offered include website design and development, web 2.0 portal development, ecommerce websites and portals, collaboration and enterprise portals, website hosting, enhancement, maintenance etc.

The website design and development solutions delivered by the experts ensure that your business never face any down time. The ecommerce developments ensure that business transactions run smoothly by means of powerful capabilities that help to interact and market with customers at ease. All these services and solutions are provided to clients worldwide by following the trusted three step approach of website planning, production and promotion. Personal website needs or for corporate portal developments, the best solution is made available with an innovative web 2.0 design. Even the most non-standard requests are serviced within the specified time and budget, with the best possible solutions and updations.

The experts follow tried and tested development methodologies with commitment to quality that helps to develop fast, cost-effective, user-friendly, screen resolution compatible and W3C compliant websites and portals. The ISO 9001:2000 Company and the best IT service provider follows a unique value proposition and a 360-degree value driven approach to ensure that the requirements of clients as per the business needs gets fulfilled to the core. The experts have combined experience in graphic design, website development and ecommerce programming to offer the best solution as and when required. Contact the experts and let them assist your business with the most apt IT solutions.