Friday, September 30, 2011

Application Development & Maintenance at NetEdge : The ultimate pathway to success

In the fast advancing modern world, all organizations are providing tough competition to others in the market by means of innovative and advanced services. Product development and maintenance is the major area of concern for all companies to make their business activities reap better results. It helps companies in carrying out their functions systematically and faster. NetEdge develops a product or application through its well defined development process comprising of complete SDLC. Even maintenance support associated with the developed application is also provided. The software development service at NetEdge help businesses to reduce their investment cost on resources on one hand with assured future business growth on the other.

The dedicated offshore development centers carry out the process of development through cross technology expertise required to enhance your business’ performance. Strict quality assurance methodologies are followed to monitor, review, audit and control the application software development process. Clients are assured to get maximum return on their investments through experienced delivery skills required in developing an application. NetEdge possesses expertise in diverse platforms. No matter in which domain your business activities are focused, you can get your products effectively developed and maintained at cost-effective rates.

Apart from providing high quality products based on state-of-the-art technologies, NetEdge also serves as an application service provider with 24x7 supports. It even follows a smooth process flow to accommodate the changes and bug-fixes required while upgrading the developed applications. Every application has its unique features and to develop them, diverse resources are required. NetEdge provides all facilities required for application development and maintenance through tried and tested development methodologies adding unique value proposition. From planning and design to implementation and maintenance, NetEdge provides a one-stop solution to all your product development needs.

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Product development and maintenance : The insight of NetEdge

With the advancement of technology, the competition among businesses and corporate sectors is also increasing. The companies require product development and maintenance with enhanced quality, functionality and performance to be on the topmost position. NetEdge facilitates this service to optimize the existing technologies at reduced costs and drive businesses towards their future growth. It consists of complete SDLC process while developing a product or application for which maintenance support is also provided. The work responsibilities are distributed among several teams of qualified professionals with the expertise to effectively develop the product. They are of high quality and are delivered on time to satisfy customers all around the world.

Offshore product development is also supported at NetEdge through dedicated centers having cross-technology expertise to enhance the performance of your business. Each stage in the process of development is monitored, reviewed, audited and controlled to provide maximum returns to clients with the minimum possible investments. It follows tried and tested methodologies to assure high quality of the developed products along with 24x7 customer support. A smooth process is followed for any changes required in the product while undergoing development to complete the processes of bug-fixing, upgrading and fine tuning of performance. Starting with the conceptualization of products to their maintenance, NetEdge has proved to be an efficient performer in Software Development Service.

The biggest challenge is to transform an idea into a product of high quality and that is done through outsource product development. NetEdge provides this facility to various business clients worldwide to reduce their cost of ownership and avail the underlying benefits of the product. If your business ideas are of developing products and maintaining them perfectly to attain great profits, here’s the perfect solution.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NetEdge : The one stop solution to IT business consulting services

A small business does not usually possess efficient management strategies and hence require help from IT business consulting services to achieve the same. The skills of the business need to be matched to that of the consulting service to enjoy the intended benefits. NetEdge provide these services with the motivation to unlock the highest potential of various businesses. Planning is essential for a business to run its operations properly failing which leads to its downfall. The qualified and professional team of NetEdge makes sure that your business achieves its goals through ideal monitoring and consulting.

NetEdge works as an IT service company that extends its services to businesses in various domains. This is the perfect destination if you require implementation of end-to-end solutions that can easily integrate with your business environment. It simply provides a competitive edge to the business with reduced risks and optimum results to meet all your business goals. The web services enable different businesses to grow vertically without facing any downturn. The essential eCommerce offerings ensure powerful online capabilities of the business in the most cost-efficient methods.

If you require IT business services, there can’t be a better option than NetEdge. It helps your business to establish an authoritative position in the industry. It even offers product development of high quality, thus lowering the operating costs and risks associated with the business. The consulting is provided through flexible, transparent and reliable services. If your business needs product and services to meet its organizational objectives, NetEdge is the solution which aims at satisfying customers worldwide. With the unique value proposition and commitment to quality, your business is sure to achieve success through the IT business consulting at NetEdge.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cloud computing and consulting: NetEdge’s technologically advanced services

Technology is advancing with time and companies have to update them continuously to have a competitive edge. Computation, software, data and storage services are provided through a modern technology called cloud computing. The consulting services for the same are provided by NetEdge and its usage does not require the physical location of the available services. This technology has been put forth to utilize infrastructure, resources, personnel and software without any new investments from the companies migrating to this form of technological innovation. It even reduces organization cost as payment needs to be done only for the used resources.

Cloud computing and consulting services are being implemented in various businesses all over the world due to their manifold benefits. They reduce the cost of additional resources without any risks or maintenance problems. Moreover, it even helps in increasing the profits of the organization by lowering the electricity expenses. The emissions that may be hazardous to the environment are also reduced. Real-time backup is followed in cloud services and that leads to less loss of data. They are also less prone to hacking unlike other software. Cloud services is not restricted to a particular place, in fact, it can be accessed anywhere all around the world.

Cloud application development provided by NetEdge helps in implementing and deploying the advanced services in an organization. It simplifies the process of availing more resources without involving any extra infrastructure. The resources can be reused which is also one of its beneficial aspects. The professional team provides expertise on diverse designs, developments, technologies or platforms. The development methodologies have been tried and tested to facilitate total commitment to quality assurance. The assistance provided by NetEdge enables the world of business to easily migrate to cloud computing.

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Gain unique benefits with outsource product development at NetEdge

All companies develop quality products to stay ahead of others in the competition while keeping the likely risk and costs low. Outsource product development is a service that is provided to clients whenever a new product or feature is introduced. The strategies vary from one organization to other depending on the requirements. It becomes necessary for companies to outsource whenever an expertise is required for a product or certain additional resources are needed which are not present in the company. It is also a better approach to minimize development costs by reducing the risks involved in the process of developing a product.

NetEdge also offers offshore product development services to different companies. It has a strong consulting practice, expertise domain knowledge and a professional team to facilitate a high quality product with the lowest ownership cost. The services are offered to all stages of product development, from initial conceptualization to the final performance audit. Tried and tested methodologies are followed here for the outsourcing process and the professional team is able to provide every kind of support required by the clients. It serves as a perfect solution to successful business abilities with better products, at the same time end up saving a lot of money.

With more than a decade of experience, NetEdge possess the capability to fulfill all your desires pertaining to outsource software development. Value proposition is provided through extensive domain knowledge and even partnerships with the IT leaders are leveraged for enhanced support. The engagement models presented here are flexible, scalable and fully customizable to meet the demands of the clients with perfect strategic management and expertise.

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Unique and satisfactory software development service of NetEdge

Technology is changing rapidly and companies need to be leveraged and updated to the latest forms of technology to be on top of the list. For future business growth, proper maintenance and sound investment is necessary and that’s where NetEdge’s software development service proves to be beneficial. It consists of development processes with complete SDLC and business case analysis. The work responsibilities are spread out in different teams to provide the best solution successfully on time with a reduced cost. This helps in the process of gaining customer satisfaction.

NetEdge works as an application service provider that possess the capability to provide development activities through cross technology expertise. This is done to ensure enhanced business performance with maximum returns from IT investment and include monitoring, reviewing, auditing and controlling at each stage of the development process. Each phase of SDLC is completed as per the client’s requisite to facilitate success and satisfaction. The application software development at NetEdge is designed to meet the requirements of customers and follows a smooth change process to accommodate the bug fixing at each and every development step.

NetEdge also provides 24x7 customer support to make sure that the client’s demands are fulfilled during the development stage. It offers time tested methodologies to make things work out successfully. With an expertise product development and maintenance, the framework is designed and developed with an eye on minute details so that no discrepancies ever occur with the clients. No matter what your requirements are, experts are always there to look into it and present a future oriented approach to manage your applications successfully. NetEdge provides a competitive advantage to companies over others by optimizing the existing technologies and that too, at reduced and cost-effective software development services.

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